WestPolicy was established to educate, equip and strengthen current and future generations of public servant executives.  Never before has the landscape of public administration been wrought with so many challenges.  Experience matters, but is hard to come by.  Today’s political climate requires decisions to be fortified with applicable research and quantified analysis.  Local government often lacks the internal capability of producing independent research material.  Analysis performed by experienced and seasoned subject matter experts provides confidence to public leaders who must consider all sides of various policy issues.  WestPolicy links research, consultation and guidance in an effort to strengthen local governance.

Jonathan M. Westendorf currently serves as the City Manager and Director of Safety for a local municipal government.  In the new role as City Manager, Westendorf is rapidly working to transform his local community.  Economic Development is the key to the forthcoming transition.  Areas of focus include industrial, residential, and commercial development.  With two decades of service, Westendorf has a unique understanding of the needs and challenges his community is facing.  With the amazing support of a dedicated team of professionals, a formal development plan has been constructed and currently in the process of being implemented.

Prior to Westendorf transitioning to his new role in January of 2021, more than 21 years of service as the Chief of Fire & Emergency Medical Services in a southern Ohio division of Fire and EMS contributed to a practical understanding of community need.  Chief Westendorf remains an active member of the Fire Division, and is a professionally certified firefighter, Paramedic, along with many specialized rescue certificates.  Westendorf holds a Bachelor of Science in Fire Administration from Bowling Green State University (OH), a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Southern California.  While studying at USC, Westendorf was the recipient of the John Randolph and Dora Haynes Foundation Award for the 2015-2016 outstanding capstone project, Visualizing the Future: An Exploration of Augmented Reality Technology in Emergency Management © 2016.  In addition, Chief Westendorf is a credentialed Ohio Fire Chief and Fellow.  Westendorf is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Public Administration with West Chester University (PA).

Chief Westendorf is a Past-President for the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association, having led the organization and Ohio’s Fire & EMS service through the COVID-10 Pandemic.  A long-time member of the legislative committee, Chief Westendorf chaired the OFCA Legislative Committee and established the Public Policy Committee with the OFCA.  Westendorf also served the Greater Cincinnati Hazardous Material Unit, a regional Type I team as its Vice-President.  Finally, Chief Westendorf is an adjunct professor for the University of Cincinnati

Mr. Westendorf resides in Franklin, Ohio with his wife Betsy, two daughters Cayden and Kyndal, & his beloved plot hound, Quint.Jonathan Westendorf